River and coastal erosion

Neither coastal nor river bank erosion are new to this country. However with the climate changes both are becoming more pronounced and indeed are threatening many aspects of our daily life, land, buildings roads and rail networks.

As well as being fluent in the use of gabion baskets, timber groins and reinforced concrete, we have hauled and placed hundreds of thousands of tonnes of armour rock.

With over 30 years’ experience in this type of work, our operators are well trained in the intricacies of both handling and placement of armour rock, individually weighing up to 5 ton.

Over the years we have successfully carried out projects for the following: Scottish office, Highland council, Network rail, First engineering, Strathmore estate, Brora River Board, Helmsdale River Board, Gordonbush Estate, Kintradwell Estate, Lord Strathnaver.


First established in 1958 as a road haulage company, Edward Mackay Contractor has progressed into all aspects of construction and civil engineering. Since then we have grown steadily and diversified to meet the needs and requirements of a large and varied client base.