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At Edward Mackay (Contractor) Ltd, we pride ourselves in the knowledge, that as a company, we are committed to not only conduct our business in an environmentally considerate manner but to do this demonstrably by achieving and maintaining environmental performance.

Protection of the environment is now a global issue. Many countries, including ours, have encompassed this into law, making it an offence to neglect and damage the world in which we live. We as a company have a moral obligation at home and at work to keep the environment safe and clean for our children and the generations to come.

We will have a commitment and policy to the protection of the environment in construction and maintenance work by minimising waste and re-cycling materials whenever practicable and economically viable. This commitment will be agreed by the company’s Chief Executive and senior management.

As an award winning sub-contractor on the Beauly-Denny power line project, we faced many challenges in our day to day activities due to environmental issues and constraints, such as, nesting birds, ecology, wildlife, difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions. These works took place in some of the most environmentally sensitive areas in Scotland, including, Glen Affric, The Cairngorms National Park and The Tummel Valley.

But with careful planning, good practices and competent staff who have extensive experience in the mitigation of the effects of their work on the environment, Edward Mackay (Contractor) Ltd working closely and effectively with the Principal Contractor, Balfour Beatty and the Client, SSE, overcame these challenges without any major incidents. This is testament to forward planning and good communication by management and perfect execution by a highly experienced team on the ground.

As a company we are very aware of the problem of pollution to the environment via exhaust emissions and, as a proactive way of reducing our carbon footprint we have invested heavily in a modern fleet of machinery and transport, fitted with latest eco-friendly engines with “add blue” fuel systems, thus reducing harmful emissions to the environment.

Edward Mackay (Contractor) Ltd are in a prime position to direct our efforts towards continuous improvement so that the daily actions of any individual can be multiplied by hundreds of times. All UK residents can make a difference with a similar attitude.


First established in 1958 as a road haulage company, Edward Mackay Contractor has progressed into all aspects of construction and civil engineering. Since then we have grown steadily and diversified to meet the needs and requirements of a large and varied client base.